Moving Corporate Citizenship into the Mainstream

Yuk Lan WONG, Robin Stanley SNELL

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Among the many issues facing the corporate world in the 21st century, we see corporate citizenship and business ethics as top of the list in terms of urgency and scale of potential impact. Corporate citizenship represents the concept that companies have obligations to its broader society beyond their singular responsibility to maximize
shareholder returns. This view challenges corporations to shoulder their responsibility for the betterment of society through ethically sound and sustainable economic, social, political, and ecological practices.

本文旨在研究公司企業在 21 世紀所面臨的 "企業公民" 問題的挑戰。本文爲“企業公民" 提供了清楚的界定,詳述了商界管理人員以及“企業公民"的倡導者對這一概念的不同看法。本文亦解釋了公司企業須要提倡“企業公民"的原因:這一概念不僅有利於增強全球化與經濟發展之間的關係、有助於解決社會和環境危機,還能幫助我們規範遊戲規則,把我們從不正當的競爭中解脫出來。我們陳述了“企業公民"怎樣成爲企業管理人員關心的問題,亦分析了公司企業越來越重視這一概念的原因。本文還對公司企業怎樣適應 “企業公民"的發展,以及公司企業在這一方面所作的努力進行了研究,也闡述了其不令人滿意之處。最後,我們就“企業公民"的本質及其對公司企業的潛在意義作了討
Original languageEnglish
Specialist publicationThe Lingnan Commentary
Publication statusPublished - Jan 2005


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