Narrating the Hong Kong Story: Deciphering Identity through Icons, Images and Trends

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Simply trace the sketchy abstract of Hong Kong, and the city's endless journey for identity visually comes to life. Evidently, the ebbs and flows are quickly contemplated: the post-war years were spent in a collective scramble for endurance and advancement, the 1960s of extraordinary social instability, the 1970s of Hong Kong's economic take-off, the 1980s was a robust cultural upheaval in search of locality and the nineties emphasized by terrified emotions over the 1997 handover. Come the 21st century and Hong Kong has emerged as a post-modern city, shouldering a long history of evolution that unveiled in an impressively short period of time. Hong Kong today is no doubt a unique lifestyle propelled by capitalism, gnawing away at globalization and pushing through challenges under her continuous definition and re-definition of self-identity.
Original languageEnglish
JournalWorld History Connected
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - Feb 2013
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Bibliographical note

Special thanks to the reviewers and editors of the WHC for their help and useful suggestions, without which this could not have been possible, particularly in enlightening me to the global perspectives of analyzing icons and identity. Thanks are also due to Dr. Bettina Dietz for sharing with me her iconic impressions of New York.


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