Perspectives on Legal Protection of Persons with Disabilities in Workplace in HK

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Discrimination always happened in workplace especially which refers to employers treating individuals differently in employment due to their disability. In Hong Kong, despite legal protection provided in various ways, employers are still wearing colored glasses to treat them and doubt with the work ability of people with disabilities. This causes problems that many people with disabilities are hard to find their jobs and they are always being discriminated by others in workplace.

Disability discrimination can occur in many ways. For example, direct discrimination which means treated worse than others in similar situations due to disability, indirect discrimination refer to there are some policies that affects persons with disabilities unequally, harassment that is someone experiences bullying or unwanted behavior related to disability and etcetera. Even though there are already some laws implemented to protect the disabilities, cases concerning disabilities discrimination still happened frequently.

In this article, I will introduce the current employment status of disabilities such as the dilemma they faced in workplace in HK, followed by an introduction of some notable disabilities’ discrimination cases (e.g. Mr. Kowk v Mr. Law etc.). Moreover, this paper will study whether existing laws of Hong Kong can effectively protect the right of people with disabilities. This paper will also show the limitation of current laws and provide suggestions.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 11 Jul 2023
Event20th Annual International Conference on Law - Athens, Greece
Duration: 15 Jul 202318 Jul 2023


Conference20th Annual International Conference on Law


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