Sociological Incursion into the Pregnancy and Maternal Experience of Post-graduate Students in Hong Kong

Victoria ANKRAH (Presenter), Zhen WANG (Presenter), Samuel Ampadu OTENG (Presenter), Xin CHEN (Presenter)

Research output: Other Conference ContributionsPresentation


Several policy discourses associate the low fertility experience in most countries with the increasing avenues for women to educate themselves. However, structural boundaries inherent in the education system that discourages the combination of maternity and academics have been given minimal attention. This study aimed to highlight students' pregnancy and maternal challenges at public universities in Hong Kong. Ten respondents were included in the study.

The major contribution of this study is the inclusion of the experience of male students on childbirth and childcare and its implications for their academics. Some striking findings were that student maternal policies were grey policy areas in most universities. Facilities to aid childcare were limited to only female faculty members and staff. Psychologically, students were stressed, and it did affect their overall wellbeing. Local Hong Kong students enjoyed much social support due to the proximity of family. However, international students under the Hong Kong fellowship schemes were economically capable of bringing family members to Hong Kong to support them. Students had more academic support from male faculty, and support was at the discretion of staff members. The findings of this study may have implications for student-maternal policies at various universities in Hong Kong.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 31 Mar 2023
EventPostgraduate Conference on Interdisciplinary Learning: Intersections of Research, Society & Postgraduate Education - Lingnan University, Hong Kong
Duration: 31 Mar 20231 Apr 2023


ConferencePostgraduate Conference on Interdisciplinary Learning
CityHong Kong


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