Special Issue: Promoting global cities status: talent attraction and retention in Asia

Ka Ho MOK (Guest Editor), Sheng-Ju CHAN (Guest Editor)

Research output: Other PublicationsSpecial issue (Editor)


The present Special Issue is set out against the wider political-economy context when a growing trend of anti-globalism and anti-internationalisation, especially when people across different parts of the world have begun to questioned the value of internationalisation of higher education. The resurgence of nationalism commonly found in Europe, North America and Australia and even in Asia has inevitably made people to cast doubt on remaining open to competition for global talents. The authors contribute their serious scholarly works by engaging the readers to reflect upon issues related to contesting globalisation and the impact on internationalisation of education. They also critically examine how the call for student mobility under the tide of internationalisation of education would lead to critical issues related to social and cultural integration, quality assurance and qualification recognition, as well as job placements and career development after studying abroad. More importantly, some serious reflections on talent attraction and retention issues are discussed. This Special Issue is timely for the international intellectual community to critically reflect and review how would be the most appropriate balance between global and local developments, international and domestic interests, when advocating and promoting internationalisation of learning, research and wider engagements.
Original languageEnglish
No.1 (Special Issue)
Specialist publicationGlobalisation, Societies and Education
PublisherTaylor and Francis
Publication statusPublished - Jan 2020


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