Survey on Hong Kong Women's Experiences of Violence 2021 : Executive Summary: 香港婦女遭受暴力經驗研究 2021 : 報告撮要

Hau Nung Annie CHAN

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The Women’s Coalition on Equal Opportunities (WCEO), sponsored by Zonta Club of Kowloon and a research grant from Lingnan University, conducted a study on Hong Kong women’s experiences of violence in 2021. Prof CHAN Hau Nung Annie from the Department of Sociology and Social Policy of Lingnan University undertook the research. A similar study of a smaller scale was conducted by the WCEO in 2013. The present study aims to provide updated empirical data on the issue.

The target sample are women living in Hong Kong aged 15-64. The research consists of a questionnaire survey and in-depth interviews. A total of 1044 responses were received for the survey and 30 individuals were interviewed individually or in focus groups. Similar to the 2013 survey, the current survey sample is skewed towards younger, better educated women when compared to Hong Kong’s 15-64 female population.

平等機會婦女聯席 (WCEO)獲得九龍祟德社贊助及嶺南⼤學研究撥款⽀持,於 2021年進⾏了⼀項有關香港女性女遭受暴⼒經驗的研究。此研究由嶺南⼤學社會學及社會政策系陳效能教授負責。平等機會婦女聯席於 2013 年曾進⾏⼀項類似但規模較⼩的研究。本研究⽬的是為議題提供最新的研究數據。

研究樣本對象為年齡介乎 15 ⾄ 64 歲居住在香港的女性。研究包括問卷調查及深入訪談。問卷調查部分收集了 1044 個回應,⽽深入訪談部分則訪問了 30 位受訪者(包括個別訪問及焦點⼩組訪問)。是次研究樣本跟香港 15 ⾄ 64 歲女性⼈⼝比較,傾向較多為年輕、受過⾼等教育的女性,情況與 2013 年的研究相類似。
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PublisherHong Kong Women Coalition on Equal Opportunities (WCEO)
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Publication statusPublished - Mar 2022

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[Sponsorship: Zonta Club of Kowloon, as part of "Zonta Says No to Violence Against Women" campaign, a worldwide campaign of saying NO to violence, launched by all Zonta Clubs since 2012]

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