The Class Formation: Control of Capital and Collective Resistance of Chinese Construction Workers

Ngai PUN, Huilin LU, Huipeng ZHANG

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A Song for Wages Unpaid

Working for a boss, we can take sweltering heat and bitter cold,
But we can’t take no wages.
Workers, don’t stay silent, reticent,
We just need to make our voice heard.
How many years have you given,
Changing the city’s complexion.
We have to fight for our labor rights,Unite.
Get back our wages.

Written by Da Jun (大军), Construction Worker
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationMapping China : Peasants, Migrant Workers and Informal Labor
EditorsChongqing Wu
ISBN (Electronic)9789004326385
ISBN (Print)9789004326378
Publication statusPublished - 16 Jun 2016
Externally publishedYes

Publication series

NameRethinking Socialism and Reform in China

Bibliographical note

(This article was first published in Chinese in Open Times, 2010, No. 5.)

The authors of this article would like to extend their deepest gratitude to the following people for all of the contributions they have made towards this study: Lian Jiajia, Liu Jing, Li Dajun, Liu Xiaohong, Zhou Lijuan, Li Qingsu, Xiao Qiang, Li Ding, Zhang Jieying, Wang Dunmeng, and Zhu Qian. This study received the following support: the Hong Kong Research Grants Council (HKRGC) research project “Yi ge xin gongren jieji de xingcheng: dui huanan diqu sushi laodong tizhi xia jiti xingdong de yanjiu” (The formation of a new working class: research on collective action within the context of the dormitory regime in the south of China); the National Social Sciences Fund project “Nongmingong qunti de jieceng xingcheng he shenfen renting” (Migrant workers: class formation and sense of identity), (project number 06CSH009); Peking University-Hong Kong Polytechnic University China Social Work Research Centre project “Xinyidai nongmingong de shenghuo kongjian: jieji yu gongmin yishi de tansuo” (The living space of the new generation of migrant workers: an exploration of class consciousness and civic awareness).


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