The Prospects for Judicial Reform: Analyses of the Survey of Judges in Ukraine

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In 2016, USAID’s FAIR Justice Project commissioned a survey of the Ukraine’s judges. The survey was conducted by GfK Ukraine. Its main objectives were to collect the opinions of judges regarding judicial reform in Ukraine; the restoration of trust amongst Ukrainian citizens for judicial authorities; implementation of the laws of Ukraine «On Restoration of Public Trust to the Judiciary», «On Purification of Government» and «On Ensuring the Right to Fair Trial»; and to evaluate the efficiency of the process of reforming the judiciary as seen by judges, and facilitate the search for effective ways to increase the efficiency of this process.”

The GfK carried out the fieldwork between 21 February and 23 March 2016. Courts were selected randomly according to the proportional distribution of the number of courts in each category. Judges in each court were also selected randomly. In total, 717 judges were surveyed, including judges in courts of higher instance (Supreme Court, High Specialized Court of Ukraine for Civil and Criminal Cases, High Administrative Court of Ukraine, High Commercial Court of
Ukraine); courts of appeal (courts of appeal of general jurisdiction, the administrative court of appeal, the commercial court of appeal); local courts of general jurisdiction (rayon, town-rayon, town, district in towns), local administrative courts and local commercial courts.

Following our collaboration that dates back to Spring 2014, USAID’s FAIR Justice Project has invited me to participate in the survey project. I participated in the preparation of the questionnaire and the analysis of the data for this report. Before analyzing the data, I worked with Dr Lara C. Roll who was responsible for recoding and creating variables and scales for the analysis. She was also responsible for the factor analysis and for testing the reliability of the scales. I have conducted the multivariate analyses and I am solely responsible for the content of this report.

In this report, I shall first outline the possibilities for personnel reform of the judiciary and the risks that may arise by focusing on the perspective of insiders: the judges of different courts. Secondly, I shall investigate the support for different aspects of the reforms based on the sociodemographic background of the judges, their seniority and positions within the judicial system, their work conditions, and other potentially relevant aspects, which may affect the reform and its speed.
Original languageEnglish
PublisherThe FAIR Justice Project
Publication statusPublished - 27 Jun 2016

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Kyiv: USAID’s Fair Justice Project.


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