Two salvation stories : "Xi Wangmu" and "Yunhua Furen" in The extensive records of the Taiping period

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    Of the two major salvation stories in Jixian lu, “Xi Wangwu” and “Yunhua Furen,” the latter is a more creative piece of work as compared with the former. Du Guangting based it on the traditional story of Yaoji and transformed the goddess from the Virgin Goddess to the salvation goddess. In “Yunhua Furen”, Yunhua Furen takes up her new role of rescuing Yu from his dangerous situation. Yunhua Furen not only saves Yu, she also saves the entire country from the calamity of the great floods, which is indeed a virtuous deed and a meritorious achievement.
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    JournalAsian Cultural Studies
    Publication statusPublished - 1 Dec 2009


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