Woody Allen’s Manhattan

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Woody Allen (1935–) started his career in New York as a comedy writer and stand-up comedian in the 1950s. He has since developed into a renowned script writer, actor and film director, first for his slapstick comedies, but later for more serious comedies and some dramatic features. He is heavily influenced by comedians such as Bob Hope and the Marx Brothers, and European directors including Federico Fellini and Ingmar Bergman. Most of his films are situated in New York, while in recent years he started to make movies in major European cities such as London, Paris, Rome and Barcelona. Manhattan (1979), along with Annie Hall (1977), are perhaps regarded as the most representative pictures of Allen. The opening sequence of Manhattan is one of the most memorable movie openings associated with New York. This article discusses Manhattanand its connection with Allen, its characters and their relationship to the city.
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