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Africans in Guangzhou : a cultural analysis of transnationality amongst Africans on the move

Author: CASTILLO BAUTISTA, R. C., 2014

Supervisor: ERNI, J. (Supervisor) & YAU, C. (Co-supervisor)

Student thesis: PhD Thesis (Lingnan)

A study of the Green Paradox in dynamic digopolies : theories and merger control policy

Author: OSPANOVA, A., 29 Aug 2019

Supervisor: LIN, P. (Supervisor) & WONG, C. L. A. (Co-supervisor)

Student thesis: PhD Thesis (Lingnan)

A study on fiscal policy and economic growth from an institutional perspective

Author: HỒ, T. Á., 30 Nov 2018

Supervisor: LIN, P. (Supervisor) & RAN, J. (Co-supervisor)

Student thesis: PhD Thesis (Lingnan)

"Blown through the tube at 50 miles an hour" : transportation, motion and mobility in Virginia Woolf's novels

Author: MENG, D., 23 Jul 2019

Supervisor: INGHAM, M. A. (Supervisor) & DING, E. (Co-supervisor)

Student thesis: PhD Thesis (Lingnan)

Central bank bilateral currency swap and trade flows : an implication for Renminbi internationalisation

Author: MOHAMMED, A. A., 12 Sep 2019

Supervisor: CROZET, M. D. (Supervisor) & WHITTEN, G. W. (Co-supervisor)

Student thesis: PhD Thesis (Lingnan)

Colonialism and compromise : the Shanghai Municipal Council and the arrest of communists, 1927-1937

Author: LAW, K. F. P., 2015

Supervisor: HAMPTON, M. A. (Supervisor) & POON, S. W. (Co-supervisor)

Student thesis: MPhil Thesis (Lingnan)

Corruption norms and corporate tax avoidance in a weak institutional and environment : evidence from alcohol consumption in China

Author: GUO, C. F., 15 Jul 2019

Supervisor: LIN, Z. K. (Supervisor) & QIANG, W. (Co-supervisor)

Student thesis: MPhil Thesis (Lingnan)

Customer's inventory accruals and supplier's earnings quality

Author: FOK, C. K., 20 Aug 2019

Supervisor: LIU, L. (Supervisor) & CHAN, K. H. (Co-supervisor)

Student thesis: MPhil Thesis (Lingnan)

Defining art aesthetically : a revision of Iseminger's new aestheticism

Author: YU, Y., 27 Dec 2019

Supervisor: SAUCHELLI, A. (Supervisor)

Student thesis: MPhil Thesis (Lingnan)

Discount, coupon, or both? An empirical data-based analysis for online garment retailers' optimal promotion strategies

Author: LIU, Y., 5 Jun 2019

Supervisor: LENG, M. (Supervisor)

Student thesis: MPhil Thesis (Lingnan)

Does auditor busyness influence audit outcome? Further evidence

Author: LAU, S. M., 6 Aug 2019

Supervisor: SU, L. N. (Supervisor) & ZHANG, Y. (Co-supervisor)

Student thesis: MPhil Thesis (Lingnan)

Effects of polygyny on child health and determinants of birth registration : the case of Nigerian children

Author: ANADUAKA, U. S., 15 Jul 2019

Supervisor: LIN, P. (Supervisor) & WONG, H. L. A. (Co-supervisor)

Student thesis: PhD Thesis (Lingnan)

Empire, reform, and internationalism : Britain and the changing politics of opium, 1875-1931

Author: CASE, S. J., 2018

Supervisor: HAMPTON, M. A. (Supervisor) & LAU, C. P. (Co-supervisor)

Student thesis: PhD Thesis (Lingnan)

English drama For critical pedagogy : adapting Caryl Churchill’S dramas as a methodological tool for community-engaged theatre workshopping in post-Umbrella Movement Hong Kong

Author: YU, H. M. M., 9 Dec 2016

Supervisor: INGHAM, M. A. (Supervisor) & HO, H. L. E. (Co-supervisor)

Student thesis: PhD Thesis (Lingnan)

Essays on market competition and law enforcement

Author: WANG, Y., 16 Aug 2018

Supervisor: LIN, P. (Supervisor) & VOON, J. P. T. (Co-supervisor)

Student thesis: PhD Thesis (Lingnan)

Evaluation of an anaesthesia automated record keeping system : a human factors approach

Author: TSE, M. K., 14 Aug 2018

Supervisor: LI, Y. W. S. (Supervisor) & CHEUNG, Y. L. F. (Co-supervisor)

Student thesis: MPhil Thesis (Lingnan)

Examining the antecedent and effects of servant leadership : the role of followers

Author: WU, X., 26 Jul 2019

Supervisor: SNELL, R. S. (Supervisor) & WONG, S. H. A. (Co-supervisor)

Student thesis: PhD Thesis (Lingnan)

Extending the local : documentary film festivals in East Asia as sites of connection and communication

Author: CHEUNG, T. L., 2012

Supervisor: HJORT, M. (Supervisor)

Student thesis: PhD Thesis (Lingnan)

Metaphysical reduction of necessity : a modified account

Author: LAI, P. H., 28 May 2019

Supervisor: MARSHALL, D. G. (Supervisor)

Student thesis: MPhil Thesis (Lingnan)

On belief : aims, norms, and functions

Author: ATKINSON, C. J., 3 Sep 2020

Supervisor: ROWBOTTOM, D. P. (Supervisor) & NADO, J. E. (Co-supervisor)

Student thesis: PhD Thesis (Lingnan)