Enhancing green tax measures in Hong Kong : a means of addressing the city's environmental problems

Student thesis: MPhil Thesis (Lingnan)


Nowadays, pressures on the environment are increasing around the world. In particular, Hong Kong, a compact city with a population of nearly seven million, one which has undergone remarkable economic growth over the past few decades, has developed severe environmental problems. It also has deficiencies in its taxation system: a small tax base, for example. In today’s world, “green” taxes have been accepted and applied by more and more countries, especially those in the OECD. However, Hong Kong still has not adequately used the tax tool as an integral part of the government’s anti-pollution strategy. Accordingly, the major objective of this study is to make proposals for improving the use of green tax measures in Hong Kong. The study first systematically introduces background theories of green tax and discusses its advantages and disadvantages. Then, it elaborates on the primary environmental problems in Hong Kong, followed by describing the green tax measures currently existing in the city. The thesis then summarizes and analyzes green tax measures in selected countries which are at the cutting edge of utilizing the tax tool as an integral part in their environmental policy, especially the Scandinavian nations. The study also conducts interviews with Government officials, green groups and those potentially in opposition to green tax. Finally, by drawing on the experiences of green tax measures in selected countries, proposals are made on improving existing green tax measures, introducing new environmental taxes, using the revenue from these taxes and dealing with implementation issues. The research findings of this project will help modernize as well as to green Hong Kong’s taxation system and thus eventually to improve the environment of Hong Kong.
Date of Award2010
Original languageEnglish
Awarding Institution
  • Department of Accountancy
SupervisorRichard Stanley SIMMONS (Supervisor)

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